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Supporting living working artists with publications, and exhibition catalogue.

Scottish Writers

Supporting living working writers with publications.

My latest production is for our local artist Shuna Anderson.

Paintings by Shuna Anderson (presented by Mark Turner)

Book cover icon for Shuna AndersonPaintings by Shuna Anderson
I am delighted to present the work of Shuna Anderson who has been painting since childhood, and attended a Fine Art foundation course at Leith School of Art. She describes her work as “Figurative and abstract paintings” and uses mixed media including acrylic paint and charcoal.
All the paintings featured in this book are currently for sale.

More Cake Less Sugar by Mark Turner

Book cover icon for more cake less sugarMore Cake Less Sugar.
My new recipe book includes low sugar plant based cakes for everyday home baking :-

Neil Campbell Violins presented by Mark Turner

Book cover icon for Neil Campbell ViolinsNeil Campbell Violins
This lovely book of the work of local violin and fiddle maker Neil Campbell.
Each instrument is made with care and far exceeds the standards of work produced by usual manufacturers.
Neil was a Technical Education teacher before he retired from teaching to become a gardener, whilst working as a teacher he started together with Robert (Bert) Kerr an adult Musical Instrument making course which ran to almost capacity for 20 years, making all manner of musical instruments.
This book showcases his violins made since lockdown. They are all his own work, and the photos are also all his own work.

The following previous works which I have produced are available in print on

These are all paid links to which pay me royalties as an associate.

Tichowana the Bush Baby by Roddy Martine

For Roddy Martine I prepared his first work of fiction :

This is a delightful book with all the drawings hand drawn by Roddy Martine himself.
Roddy is an accomplished writer and has many books in print.
His latest work with Richard Demarco is "Demarcos Edinburgh".

Book cover icon for Tichowana the bush babyTichowana the Bush Baby

For Marie-Louise Brulatour Mills I produced her book of poems and paintings :

Paid link to amazon->Look See Feel
Maire-Louise is an accomplished artist and exhibits regularly, she loves paintimng dogs, and food. Her paintings are inspired by her lifelong adventures and work with the World Wildlife Fund.
Her poems tell the story of her life.

For Judy Urquhart I have produced the following books :-

Paid link to amazon->Memoirs of a Major Generals Daughter
A birdseye view of history told with verve and wit. (Review by Carol Behr).
The author recounts the story of her parents' marriage, her own infancy in wartime Britain, then postings to Malaya (as it was then) and Austria in the last privileged days of British military influence.
Back in Scotland she and her sisters enter a gilded world of Highland balls and debs delights, she travels to the US and then sets out to make a living in literary London. Through a difficult marriage she struggles to achieve her own identity, against the backdrop of a world still emerging from a time when, in her grandmother's words, "Girls were supposed to be ornamental and that was about it."

Dr. William Spence Urquhart - an account of his life by his great niece Judy Urquhart: Paid link to amazon->Dr William Spence Urquhart
William Urquhart (1877-1964) spent almost all his working life in India, mainly in Calcutta as professor of philosophy at the Scottish Church College.
He became its Principal and then was elected to be Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University.
He revived and edited the Calcutta Review and knew all the leading Bengali intellectuals of the day.
He wrote books on comparative religions most notably the Upanishads and Life and was regarded as a wise, saintly and learned man by his pupils and peers.
He retired to Scotland the land of his birth in 1939.

Henry Nelson Wright Numismatist and Indian Civil Servant Paperback: Paid link to amazon->Henry Nelson Wright

Henry Nelson Wright, was an expert on Mughal coins whose collection is now in the British Museum in London.
He also wrote books on the subject and was a founder of the Indian Numismatic Society.
Coins gradually took over from his original career, as an Officer in the Judiciary of the Indian Civil Service, and became his passion.
The coins gave him a place for retreat. He could retire into the world they recreated. Into the Coin Department at the British Museum, hide in the stacks, with its rows of little drawers filled with round coins, where what mattered was minute differences of scholarly interpretation.
And at the end of a day, spent out of this world and in one with more of a feast to feed the imagination, he returned home and lost himself in the world of his garden with its plants and butterflies.

William Knighton: Author of the Private Life of an Eastern King: Paid link to amazon->William Knighton
William Knighton set sail for Ceylon in 1842 to manage a coffee plantation belonging to an uncle.
He grew bored, took on the editorship of the Colombo Herald, then moved on to Calcutta and worked as a journalist, writer and professor of philosophy before writing the best selling Private Life of an Eastern King and becoming Assistant Commissioner in Oudh.
He married and had two children that survived.
He wrote more books and articles. He bought the tea estate of Ambari.
In 1867 he returned to England. His son and then his wife died of Tuberculosis.
He married again, a widow with a major share in an Australian sheep station.

For Andrew Brown (369 Gallery) I produced their book

Decameron 2020

Paid link to amazon->Decameron 2020
DECAMERON 2020 – A Lockdown DiaryIn the iconic tradition of Giovanni Boccaccio’s remarkable Decameron written shortly after the Black Death of 1346 a group of 10 friends, a couple of spouses and other contributors in Scotland amused themselves during the First Lockdown of the 2020 Pandemic by writing essays and poems and creating artworks and paintings to entertain one another.
Every ten days a theme was chosen by one of the original ten and relayed through a Zoom meeting.
With the youngest participant celebrating his 18th birthday and the oldest celebrating her 78th, this entertaining and thought provoking book comprises over 100 little masterpieces of memoir, observation and creative contemplation from a suitably distanced and uniquely diverse cross-section of contemporary society.
Contributors : Andrew Brown, Marie-Louise Brulatour Mills, Barbara Dickson, Jonathan Gibbs, Celine Hispiche, Dorothy Jackson, Roddy Martine, Jessie Ann Matthew, Mark McLeod, Catherine Maxwell Stuart, Mark Muller Stuart, Callum Stark, Pat Watson, Marie Weir.