Seaweed Salt

New for Summer 2014 we have a range of Roasted Seaweed Salts, made from our fine range of Sea Vegetables which are roasted till crisp, and then milled to powder to bring the unique flavours of Sea Vegetables to the seasoning shelf.

  • Roasted Kombu Salt
  • This is Umami in a jar, roasted and ground so ready to use either in Miso soup, or just as a seasoning.

  • Saccharina Latissima Salt
  • This one has more saltiness to taste, but still has the OOH of Umami – second favourite at Foodies.

  • Gutweed Salt
  • Well we dropped this one already – but feel free to make your own …

  • Dulse Salt
  • The distilled flavour of Dulse, in a jar for sprinkling.

Bringing the unique flavours of our wildcrafted Celtic Seaweeds to your dinner table.