Seaweed Health Benefits

As a seller of edible seaweed we are not permitted to make any claims other than as to their nutritional content, origins and processing.

August 2014 : Glasgow University Finds that Seaweed helps Iodine deficiency :-

“Iodine deficiency is one of the main causes of an underactive thyroid, and is known to result in feelings of being run-down and lacking in energy. The condition has also been blamed for causing weight gain, aching muscles and brittle fingernails.”
“A natural alternative”
“Iodine obtained from seaweed is a natural whole food, unlike potassium iodine supplements, and inaddition provides the body with all of the micronutrients necessary for the proper metabolism of iodine such as selenium, zinc, iron and vitamins A and E.”

Read the full article here :- Seaweed Boosts Iodine Levels
“In conclusion, seaweed inclusion in staple foods would serve as an alternative to fortification of salt or other foods with KI” (KI = Potassium Iodide)

Our Sugar Kelp and Sea Spaghetti are particularly rich in Iodine. (2366 ppm – tested 2004 at University of Galway)

Seaweed was traditionally used as a fertilizer for coastal farmland, which would have meant that root vegetables would previously have probably contained traces of Iodine. Now many farms use pelleted fertilizer from sewage farms which lack these essential trace elements.

There has been substantial research done into the health benefits of eating seaweed, a summary can be found here :-

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What the capitalists have to say :-

The Seaweed Health Foundation: Independent, non-profitable organization launched in 2010 by Seagreens. Service aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of seaweed quality for human food, health, and body care. This website provides a list of academic research partners,seaweed harvesters, processors, nutritionists, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers with a special interest in sea vegetables.

Seaweed Health Foundation UK

In fact they have limited information, only list their own members. Their membership fees are excessive but they do seem to able to get plenty of cash to promote themselves.