SeaVeg Diet Food

A recent report sponsored by the Food Health Innovation Service states
“Brown algae are generally rich in hydrocolloids, in iodine, and in pigments such as fucoxanthin and chlorophyll a and b.
The abundance of phlorotannins and the carotenoid
fucoxanthin is responsible for the anti-obesity and anti-diabetic properties of brown algae
(Hosokawa, Miyashita et al. 2010 ; O‚ÄôSullivan, Murphy et al. 2010)”

We supply Fresh dried Atlantoc Kombu, Atlantic Wakame, Sea Spaghetti, Dulse, and Sugar Kelp which fall into this category.

These are ideally consumed before meals in the form of soups or starters, and the recommended minimum daily human intake is approx 3.5g of these seaweeds.

Seaweed for Weight Loss

Recent research suggests that too much Iodine is not good for you, in France the regulation is that the maximum permitted Iodine levels in Seaweed for human consumption is 2g/Kg, according to CEVA our Irish Kombu, and Sweet Kombu exceed these limits, and should be consumed with caution. According to collected data, 1g of our kelp contains 4 times the upper daily recommended limit of Iodine.