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Seaweed and Oatcakes
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Here are some of the recipes I use, all have been tested by me unless otherwise stated and attributed.

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16th June 2016

Ginger Polenta Cake (Vegan, Gluten Free) – updated for no nuts recipe – updated again with less carragheen.

Boil 4g Carragheen in 300ml water stirring all the time to prevent drying or burning on the pan , add another 300ml water, boil again for another 5 mins,

boiling carragheen for use in baking
Carragheen should be boiled well, for at least 5 minutes to break it down and release the protein carrageenan
stirring all the time, this should leave you with about 380g of thick gloop. Set this aside to cool for 10-15 mins, add 30g Organic Rape Seed Oil and blend into a smooth cream.gloop
Pour this mix through a sieve to make sure any grit is removed, and add 150g grated panela or sugar and any flavourings such as Ginger, Cinnamon etc and blend.
Sieve mixture into a bowl and add 200g polenta, 1 1/2 teaspoons bicarb of soda, whisk till smooth.
Line a 7 inch cake tin with paper, and scoop the mixture in,
Bake 35 mins at 160C

This recipe uses a smoothie maker as a blender, I have the Nutri Ninja 900W machine, and use the large cup.
Be careful not to use too much carragheen as it will spoil the flavour and texture of the cake. I will update this page when I work out the minimum amount needed to bind the cake.

28th June 2015

Almond Milk / Pecan Milk : “Nut Milk”

When making nut milk, – I use about 40g nuts to a half litre of water (that makes it about 8% fat – twice that of dairy milk), add a half teaspoon flaked carrageen to the nuts in the blender, this will help thicken the mix and slow down separation. Blanch the nuts if you want to remove the skin which can be bitter. I find that it works well just making it fresh as you need it, no need to soak.

Vegan Cheesecake

I felt I had to make this after buying a slice of “Cheesecake” in a well known supermarket, which I will *never* do again…

Make a base using nuts and oatmeal, add approx 2 parts oatmeal, to 1 part nuts (Almonds, walnuts etc), warm 1 part panela in a pan, and when the nut mix has ground to a powder, add to the panela, and mix well. Line your tin with greaseproof paper, and gently press the mix into the tin, covering the base.

Make your “Nut Milk” as above, and if using tinned fruit you can use the fruit syrup from the tin, otherwise if you are using a smoothie maker, add the half the fruit and all the nuts, and blend together. For each half litre of liquid, add a teaspoon of flaked carrageen, and blend well for a further 5 minutes.

Cooked Method:
Blend half the fruit, and pour some of the juice into a pan – I used the panela pan again, add a teaspoon of carrageen flakes for each half litre of fruit and bring to boil, simmer for 5 minutes or until thick, allow to cool a little before adding to the other fruit in the blender, add nuts to suit, blend for two to three minutes, put the unblended fruit on the base, and pour over the blended mixture, allow to cool and refrigerate till set.

I will upload the photo later – if there is any left ….

6th June 2015.

“SeaVeg Burgers”

This is the improved “SeaVeg Burgers” recipe. ** Updated **

SeaVeg burger served with Tomato and purple Laver salad.
SeaVeg burger served with Tomato and purple Laver salad.

Grate 1 large carrots (100g) and 2 medium beetroot (200g), add to a pan with a 1/2 cup (100g) green lentils, 1/2 cup mixed SeaVeg (14g) or 1/2 pack (15g) SeaVeg Irish Sea Spice, here you can add any alternative flavours you like such as garam masala, ground cumin, garlic etc, then add 3 cups water, bring to boil and simmer for 40 minutes. When cooked remove from heat and strain to remove any excess fluid, slowly stir in gram flour to bind (I used up to 200g) – if you don’t strain off any liquid you will need too much gram flour, and the result will be gloopy, its best to have plenty of gram flour handy when forming burgers as it helps stop the mix sticking to your hands. refry for 10-12 mins turning occassionally. These can be cooked as a batch, kept in the fridge for a few days, or frozen as necessary, but if you freeze them defrost properly before cooking.
These are delicious cold, and when served with well known brands of Indian pickles. You can season these with herbs and spices to your own taste, I have used fresh ground cumin when cooking, fresh garden herbs when forming into burgers, or stir in freshly sprouted lentils when forming the burgers for added crunch.


6th June 2015.

“Lemony Snicket” – Vegan Fudge.
Working on the base for my raw vegan chewy bars, all ingredients are raw except the sugar – which is “Panella”, or raw cane syrup, often seen with the brand name “Jaggery Goor”. Take 100g of Panella, and slice it into a pan, put on a medium heat. Add the juice of 1 lemon, and the fruit but not the seeds or pith, grate some zest in if you used organic lemons – which you would of course do. Take 100g of Porrige oats, and 200g ground almonds and put them in your blender. I use a jug blender, but a smoothie maker will do the job just as well, blend together for 2-3 minutes whilst the panella heats up, and when its bubbling nicely, remove it from the heat and add the contents of the blender a little at a time, to the pan, and stir it in. The mix will form a stiff dough, so continue kneading in more of the mix till it wont take any more, line a tin with greaseproof paper, put the dough on, take another sheet of greaseproof paper and put on top, roll the mix flat, and cut using a pizza wheel. Great as a treat or snack, and only 25% sugar.


August 28th 2014.

I am now testing recipes with a rice cooker – purchased from Lidl for £9.99.

Sea Spaghetti with vegetables :-

Sea Spaghetti with Vegetables - cooked in a rice cooker for 20 mins.
Sea Spaghetti with Vegetables – cooked in a rice cooker for 20 mins.

Take a half a 40g pack of Sea Spaghetti, two carrots – chopped, some chopped celery, Garlic and herbs to taste, a cup of water and add to the rice cooker bowl and cook for 20 mins. This was left a little longer using the keep warm function which I think helps develop the flavour.

I made this when testing recipes with a Phillips Air Fryer, we bought a “Green Box” one for £75.

Roasted Parsnips with Purple Laver

Roasted Parsnips with SeaVeg Purple Laver
Roasted Parsnips with SeaVeg Purple Laver

Peel and chop the parsnips – choose smaller ones, shell some garlic put into the pan and pour over some good quality Olive Oil, roast for 20 mins and when cooked add some SeaVeg purple laver before serving.