Sugar Kelp washed up on the beach at Musselburgh.
This magnificent Sugar Kelp was “Foraged” off the beach at Musselburgh. Of course we wouldn’t sell this, seaweed is very good at mopping up pollutants and heavy metals, so great care must be taken when choosing a site to harvest Sea Vegetables for eating. All of our products are harvested with appropriate permissions from the clean fresh waters off North West Donegal in Ireland.
All our SeaVeg is commercially harvested, properly licensed, and processed according to modern standards and regulations. Our food store is registered and inspected, and our products are sample tested for bacteria, mould and other toxins. Our products have been sample analysed by the University of Galway (Thanks to Michael Guiry) and nutritional analysis published on their website.

As an individual you are free to pick wild seaweeds for your own use from round the coast, and there are a number of individuals around the country who will take foraging tours. I will try to list these here as they get in touch.

There are a number of books on wild food and foraging, some of these are listed here too.

(work in progress – let me know if you want to be added)